• Smoothing treatment
    • Botox Treatment
    • Ritual Treatment


    • Men's haircuts
    • Women's haircuts
    • Set
    • Cut and set


    • Root color (3-6 weeks)
    • Full color
    • 1/2 head highlights
    • Full head sweep

  • Keratin/botox hair treatment

    It's the revolution in perfect straightening for all hair types. When it comes to eliminating frizz, reducing volume and even the perfect straight, the revolution has arrived and it's called White Love RP!!!!

    Formulated with high-affinity particles and wire shielding, offering protection through thermoactivation. With nano-encapsulated active ingredients, White Love RP is rich in plant proteins and has a high affinity with the hair fiber, providing shine, hydration and reconstruction.

  • BLACK LOVE VOLUME REDUCER . The world's most modern and technologically advanced volume reducer and perfect straightener, allowing you to reduce hair volume or straighten without the need for harsh chemicals. BLACK LOVE "Black Straightening" is formulated with botanical ingredients that offer hair an incredible treatment during the hair transformation process.

    Robson Peluquero CCRP offers a capillary impact treatment developed with noble active ingredients, specifically for fragile hair abused after bleaching. Its formula contains active reconstructions that help hair recover and rebuild.